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Are you currently leasing a BMW with BMW financial services that is due between June and the end August 2018?

If you are currently leasing a BMW car or SUV that is due between now and the end of August 2018 then you qualify for Weatherford BMW of Berkeley's Lease Pull ahead program!* This program will waive up to 3 remaining payments on your current lease. This offer is only valid if you lease or finance a New BMW through BMW financial services.

 2018 Lease Loyalty Program
 Model Year
 Payments Waived
 X Line
(X1, X3, X4, X5, & X6) 
 2013-2015 Up to 3 payments

i3 Series

 2015 Up to 3 payments

What is a Lease Pull Ahead?

Lease pull ahead programs are simple!
This program allows lease holders to turn in their vehicles early, with no penalty, allowing them to get a New BMW that meets any new needs or desires they may have. It's a deal that is offered to people with six or fewer months remaining on their current lease.
If you get another BMW (new or certified), you can take advantage of this great deal!

Is a Lease Pull Ahead for you?
Pull ahead programs are a good option if you're currently in a lease and if you fit one or more of these criteria:

You want another BMW - New or Certified Pre- Owned.
  Your lease is ending between Now and March 2018.

Fill out the Lease Pull-Ahead Inquiry Form or Call us (855) 571-5269

*Offer excludes M Series and Alpinas. Program excludes Pre-Paid Leases, Extended Leases and Releases. The pull ahead program expires 5/31/2018.