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Why are we different than other bodyshops?

Despite what you may be told by your insurance company claim representative, the fact is that all collision repair facilities are not equal - especially when you drive a luxury car like a BMW. The training and equipment costs to properly repair your BMW are significant and can be prohibitive to a shop which does not specialize in BMW's. In contrast, at Weatherford BMW/CCRC we have made the investment in equipment in the form of our (5) Celette dedicated benches and fixtures, (the same system used in the manufacture of your BMW) to ensure that all unibody repairs are completed to factory specifications. Our facility is further equipped with the Celette Midi-Spot welder which is factory authorized for all welding repairs, and has the capability of welding the exotic metals used in the manufacture of your BMW such as boron, complex phase and dual phase steels.  Most importantly, the staff and technicians here at Weatherford BMW CCRC have access to online resources detailing your vehicle's equipment options, warranty history, and new technical support bulletins as well as warranty campaigns which may apply. We follow BMW's exacting technical specifications for recommended repair procedures for your vehicle up to and including matching the interior jambs for structural repairs and sheet metal replacement, and replacement of OEM decals and information labels where applicable. We can also repair damage to your vehicle in the form of rock chips, blemishes caused by oxidation, road tar, road debris, and parking lot damage which is difficult, if not impossible to avoid.

In late 2008, we implemented the BMW Color system which is BMW's own state-of-the-art, waterborne refinishing system. It is important to note that not all BMW factory-certified repair facilities have implemented what we feel is a superior refinishing system and which was specifically developed with your BMW in mind. This environmentally friendly refinishing system includes a color library developed specifically for BMW by BMW, includes all of the possible color variants for every color code in BMW's model lineup, and is updated on a monthly basis. 

You can rest assured in the knowledge that each of our refinish technicians has received rigorous hands-on training with BMW's Color System as well as the experience which comes through repetition. Our Client Service Coordinators, Paint and Body technicians know the in's and out's of all stages of your vehicle repair and can work with most insurance carriers to assure a painless a process in restoring your BMW, Honda or Toyota back to pre-collision condition.

In summary, you put a lot of thought into deciding to lease or purchase The Ultimate Driving Machine, you owe it to yourself to entrust its repair to Weatherford BMW/CCRC. The professionals who know it best and have access to the tools, online information and training to ensure that your car is restored to pre-accident condition. Call the Weatherford BMW body shop today and speak to one of our Client Service Coordinators.

Weatherford BMW 
Certified Collision Repair Center 
575 West Grand Avenue
Oakland, California 94612
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