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    European Delivery

     Welcome to Weatherford BMW's European Delivery Page,
    Please meet our European Delivery Specialists!
    Ali Samadani
    735 Ashby Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94710

    Telephone: 510-542-5169
    Cell Phone: 415-725-6251
    Fax: 510-841-4020
    Email: ali@weatherfordbmw.com
    Paul Wright
    735 Ashby Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94710

    Telephone: 510-542-5172
    Cell Phone: 925-577-1367
    Fax: 510-841-4020
    Email: pwright@weatherfordbmw.com


    With over 50 years of combined BMW experience,
    Ali and Paul will handle the process professionally and ensure
    you have cherished memories that last a lifetime.

    Meet your vehicle in the place where it was made and get a chance to see your new BMW in its natural habitat. 

    Your first drive doesn't have to go from Weatherford BMW to your driveway. Meet your vehicle at the renowned BMW Welt, enjoy exclusive VIP tours of BMW facilities, take your new car or SUV for its first spin across the famed Autobahn, choose from five Driving Adventure packages, indulge at world-class hotels, and then meet your vehicle back home at the end.

    Learn more about each step of the journey you'll take:

    • Step 1
      Order your BMW car or SUV, and save
    • Step 2
      Plan your trip
    • Step 3
      Pick up your vehicle at BMW Welt
    • Step 4
      Drive your new BMW through Europe
    • Step 5
      Meet your vehicle back home

    Enjoy all of that automotive adventure plus an added financial benefit of costing less than traditional delivery.

    European Delivery price includes:
    • 14 days of free, road insurance
    • Tourist registration
    • Factory preparation
    • European inland transportation from the drop-off point to the nearest port
    • Marine insurance
    • Customs duty and clearance
    • U.S. port processing and accessory installation
    • Wharf and handling fees

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